If you have an urgent need for a replacement part, we will respond quickly, thanks to our in-house manufacturing capability.

The CF Extrusion Advantage:

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Reverse-Engineering Capabilities

CF Extrusion Replacement Parts

Better Than the Original

At CF Extrusion Technologies our depth of engineering experience and industry knowledge enables us to refurbish or completely rebuild any part for any brand of extrusion equipment. We do more than simply manufacture replacement parts—we design and build replacement parts with high-grade materials and improvements that outperform their OEM counterparts.

Our incoming QC and inspection process includes capturing the design specifications and wear patterns of the OEM part. Our engineers use this data and apply the latest advancements in metallurgical research and technology to reverse-engineer a new component with enhanced performance and durability characteristics. We include outgoing inspection steps and lab testing to ensure improved performance in the future.

It’s this cutting-edge engineering combined with in-house manufacturing capabilities that decreases our lead-times and ensures the replacement parts we deliver meet or exceed your expectations.

Decreasing Downtime

Increasing Profitability

The Recurring Replacement Parts Program provides you the confidence your extrusion equipment is continually running at optimal performance, decreasing downtime and increasing profitability. Our expert engineers will perform a diagnostic review of your extrusion equipment and develop a rebuild schedule custom tailored to the parts that wear most often.

At CF Extrusion Technologies we understand that each extrusion operation is unique. That’s why we send our engineers to your location to inspect your equipment and work with you to design a comprehensive rebuilding solution specific to your needs and maintenance budget.

The Recurring Replacement Parts Program provides you with an option to manage operating costs and extend the life of your extrusion equipment. Additionally, this program reduces the occurrence of unplanned maintenance and surprise repair expenses.

Our Replacement Parts Program Includes:

  • Equipment inspection by a CF Extrusion Technologies engineer
  • Component wear assessment
  • Review of inspection results
  • Comprehensive maintenance schedule specific to your equipment
  • Custom manufactured parts and components that meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Over 90 years of collective extrusion engineering experience

Cost Savings Benefits:

  • Maintain proper operating specifications, improving productivity, and efficiencies
  • Provides like-new performance at a reduced cost (as compared to new machines)
  • Brings multi-machine shops up to consistent specifications and provides output commonality
  • Restores machine operating components, extending the equipment’s useful lifecycle


Customized Extrusion

Our extrusion specialists will research, design, build and test a solution specific to your requirements. Our equipment is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer and is built to exceed the highest standards.

Outperformance Parts

We do more than simply manufacture extruders and their parts. CF Extrusion designs and builds replacement parts with high-grade materials and features that outperform the original equipment, with extremely fast lead times.

Rebuild Services

With over 90 years of collective experience, our team of engineers is uniquely qualified to tear down and rebuild your machine to like-new condition, extending the life of your extrusion unit.


Mission Statement

CF Extrusion Technologies designs, engineers, and manufactures custom extrusion technology solutions.

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