Engineering Advanced Solutions for Sustained Success

Innovation takes curiosity, refined skill, and a depth of knowledge. More importantly, it requires a passion for solving problems. CF Extrusion Technologies dedicates our capabilities and know-how to deliver services and products of high-quality to our customers.

We believe that customization is the key to achieving maximum productivity. When your extrusion equipment is designed specifically for you and your process it will operate more efficiently, reliably, and at peak performance.

We Assume Nothing

How can we further improve your process? What materials will best withstand the rigors of extruding your applications? Where can we save energy?

We Assume Nothing Details

These are only some of the many questions we ask when considering how best to serve our customers. In order to provide valuable solutions, we address your unique challenges, question conventional wisdom, and apply our expertise in order to design efficient, long-lasting, productive extrusion equipment.

Design Accuracy

To achieve precise manufacturing tolerances, design accuracy and a superior final product, CF Extrusion Technologies utilizes custom in-house design and processing simulation software.